Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello Blog World!
I know, it's been over two month since I last posted! What has been going on? Lot's of sickness...not on my part, but my kids and hubby! And then there was Spring Break....for 2 weeks! Now, I have been working on tons of projects, it's just this TIME thing that I need to work on!
So I am going to start with a easy spring arrangement that can be made to go just about anywhere!

Are these not so fun?
Here is how to make them:
First, you need a box of cute little eggs. I scored with these babies! I got them for .50 a box at a garage sale, but I know that you can get them at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. Don't forget to use coupons!
Next, you want to find a nice clear vase that you have in your stash. You can always get them at the Dollar Store. My neat trick here to save space is to put a empty toilet paper holder in the middle. This will save space and it fills the vase up faster! 
Now I wanted mine to be taller...and look cute! So, once again the Dollar Store candler holder and hot glue are calling my name! Just put a ring of hot glue on top of the candle holder and put your vase on top, in the bottom center. Don't worry, you can always separate these! Just give a gentle tug and it will come off!
To top them off, I have some left-over white feather boa...what? You mean to tell me that you don't have any? Don't even ask what it was from! You can always get these at the craft store too! Or you may want to add something else! 
Happy Spring! 
And there will be lot's more to come! I promise!