Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shirt for Shel

Here is a tee that I made for my little "S". It was pretty easy and not a lot of money!
First, I got a the hot pink tee at Hobby Lobby. I also got the letter S there with my 40% off coupon.
The ribbon I think that I either got at Hobby Lobby or maybe Michael's.
When I got home, I cut off the sleeve's right at the seam. Every 1/4 inch I wold poke a hole with some very sharp scissors and put a ole in it. Then I cute some ribbon and double tied it.
The bottom of the shirt is a skirt that I cute off and sewed it on to the bottom just to add some color and give it some more length!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Teacher Gift

Sometimes you gotta get a little creative for teacher gifts...

OK, so I am posting this a little late...this is from last year. But hey, I am just getting this blog going and I have a lot to catch up on.
We just LOVED our Kindergarten teacher last year. Her name was Mrs. Meskill. She could really win a prize for the best Kindergarten teacher ever. So when it came time for the end of school, O really wanted to make her something special...on a budget!
The necklace on the left was just so easy! I used one of those super big gem marbles. Traced some scrap of paper that I had and used a letter sticker. I then used a little Mod Podge to adhere it to the gem. When it was dry, I added another coat to the back. I hot glued a jump ring and tied some silver ribbon to it!
The next two were easy too! I found these on clearance at Michael's. I pealed off the little sticker/image that was there. I used that to trace over some paper. I got on the computer and printed out some things about her. Added a few gems and the went over all of it with Mod Podge. The pink one I strung with beads and the back one was a ribbon necklace that I got at Michael's too. There you go!
And I have seen her this new school year on campus with them on and it just makes me smile!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Suit Me...

My latest garage sale find...oh the wonderful things that I can do with you! Hello! It was only $2!
I have a bunch of things on my noodle to do with this gem!
Check back soon!

Pillow Talk

I have had these pillows for forever it seems. I would love to get new pillows, but why do that when you can update them for free! Or mostly free..
No sewing needed here! Just a hot glue gun! I did sew the button on, but I will talk about that later.
I had some left-over fabric that had all of the frayed edge left. I cut about a 1 1/2 inch strip the length of the fabric. I started in the middle and glued it all down in a circle patter. I then got a kit from Wal Mart that you can make covered buttons with. Have you ever tried them? They are GREAT and so easy! I used another scrap to make the button and used a upholstery needle to thread  it through the middle.

This next set of pillows , I did the same thing with the buttons. That's all they needed! Just to take these store-bought pillows to the next level!

They just look special with that button I tell you! Hello!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My take on Subway Art

Here is my take on subway art. I had this extra piece of black foam core. You can get this at any arts and crafts store. I thought of some things that describe our family, or funny things that the kids say. I also added some pictures of our family. I went onto Microsoft word and played with some of the fonts and sizes. The only bad things is that when you print these out, they do use a lot of black ink. I think that in the future, I will take it to a print shop. I still need to fill in a few spots, but you get the idea. I am also going to go over it with a layer of...my fav...Mod Podge.
I added some 3M sticky tabs the back and hung this in our hallway. It's a lot of fun to look at every day and it reminds me of so many things that our family loves!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh So Sweet Necklace!

I am on a total kick making necklaces for my little princess! It's not aways easy to find the beads, but it's worth the hunt! You just have to get creative!!!
This is the "Little B" that I made for my niece. She is turning 1 years old this next week. I gave her the nickname Little Bee, so it just seemed to make since to have a "Bee" themed birthday party! As soon as I get pictures of that, I will post them. So the color theme is black, white, and yellow of course.
She is going to "bee" wearing a outfit to match the party, so I can't wait to see how it comes out!
This one I made for Shelby using the bubblegum beads that I cut up from a bracelet that I got at Kohl's.
I made the large charm from a piece that I got on clearance at Micheal's. I removed the plastic from the front and used that shape to trace around some scrapbook paper. I then used some Mod Podge to adhere the paper and super glued a crown charms that I had lying around.
Here it is being modeled by my neighbor's daughter! It has a chain in the back so that you can adjust the size depending on your little princess!
This one I just did and it is a favorite! We got the bottle cap as a favor from a birthday party! How cute is that! So added some beads and there you go!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

So pretty! A unique vase with roses

My brother-in-law made this beautiful wood vase for me to use in an arrangement for his mom. He found an Aspen tree in the White Mountains of AZ and turned into this!
I just the right touch with these pretty roses!

He make such pretty things out of wood, even pepper mills. If you are interested in anything, please reach me at my contact page.