My Garden

Here are a few pics of my garden! It's always changing! And I am always learning new things that I want to add and do with it. It's been so much fun for my family. Our kids love going out there and seeing what they can eat. It's so great knowing that you can go out there and get fresh food for dinner!
I love my compost too! If you have any questions about gardening, please let me know!

This is the entrance to the garden. We just painted the picket fence and the arch this last year to match the house. I think that it will last a lot longer that way! Those are grapes that are growing on them!

Dave "The Garden Guy" came to my house to do a story about my garden! Yikes! We are talking about what we are going to say here. Boy, I have a serious look on my face!
He is such a nice guy and so funny!

Look how he is bending over...I think that the next time he comes out I will wear 6" heals!

A little strange having a news van at your house. My mom was in town for the week and thank God! She was a huge help with the kids while we were filming!

Just had to add this picture! Dave came in and was waiting for coffee! He was so great with the kids!

This is our Mama dove...we call her Dove Dove. She has had at least 3 sets of babies! We talk to her all the time and she does not seem to mind us! I told her that when she built her nest there, she was going to have to get used to us coming and going through the gate!

I will be posting better pictures of the whole garden...I just need to find them! :~)