Friday, November 26, 2010

Hair Bow Storage

There are lot's of different ideas out there in the blog
world for hair bow storage.
I just made this up...and mostly because it's free,
is why I love it!
I had a memo broad that I had made when my baby was a baby, but now she is 4 and has a pretty serious collection of hair bows. Most of them I have made...I just love to make them, what can I say?!
Anyways. I wanted to make something that would go on the back of her bedroom door. I don't have a lot of extra wall space, so I have to use what I got!
So, go to your local Home Depot and head over to the paint department. I was going to buy a yard stick or two. The guy asked what I was doing and I told him. He said "why don't you use these...and they are free!"
Free is good! The yard sticks were only .60 so I bought one because I felt guilty. I am glad that I did because it came in handy for measuring this bad boy!

Here is what the paint stick looks like. Now this is for the 5 gallon buckets, this is not the small stick. Plus it's a little bit thicker.

Get out the handy-dandy miter box. If you don't have one, just use a saw a measure where you need to trim it. I cut off the handle end of both sticks. I needed two, and Home Depot was more than willing to give them to me!

Sand off the ruff edge if it needs it and give it a couple of coats of paint to match the room. I painted the side that did not have the Home Depot lettering on it, sorry Home Depot. Let it dry...

Here is where the yard stick came in handy. I laid out both sticks to the distance that I needed. The yard stick helped with the over-all measurement. Get some ribbon to match. I always seem to have that stuff around! Now I got different widths to hold different kinds of bows.

I opened up a stapler and got to work. Pull it tight to the bottom piece to match your measurements.

I happened to have these thumb tacks that matched. I knew that I would use these someday! I got these at Hobby Lobby. Anyway, this helped to hold the ribbon tight.

OK, plan B. I got out my mat and blue tape. I needed to secure this thing so that I could get the ribbon tight.

Once I got everything secure, get out the command tape or the 3M tape. This is the best stuff ever! It does not leave a mark and when you are done you just peal it off. There was no way that I wanted to nail this into the door, so this worked great! I even used a coupon when I got it!

Secure it to the door with a gentle push and enjoy!

Now, the fun part of putting up all the hair bows! I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out! What do you think?

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