Monday, November 29, 2010

It's that time of year!

I know that a lot of you have already gotten your Christmas cards out, but I am still working on mine! The thing that I love best if doing them on-line! Can it get any easier? I love all of the options out there to make it personal. When the kids have gone to bed and I can have a cup of tea, I love to read all the cards and letters! It's so amazing to see how far things have come with Christmas cards! But they still mean the same, just like when I was a kid. My kids now get to see how exciting it is to get the mail every day and see what cards are in the mail!
Have you ever noticed that the cards that you enjoy the most are the ones with pictures? We just love to see how our friends and families kids are growing up so fast! It means so much, and it makes it seem more personal to get a card with a picture!

I just took some pictures over the weekend with the kids. Sure, I would have loved to have a professional photographer take them, but these days with digital cameras, it's so EASY to take pictures and upload them!

I really have love using Shutter Fly for my pictures, cards, and other gifts that I have ordered!
Here are some ideas that I am thinking about for Christmas!
Photo Cards Here
I like this
Square Cards
This would be great with my two kids. I don't a family picture, so I like this option!

Another fun option is the calendars! I LOVE these for the Grandparents! That way they can look at pictures of them all year long!

I think that doing this poster size is different and really fun! What a great gift! This might work for the hubby's office!
Poster Calendars
There are some more beautiful ideas here:
SQUARE it here!

Find out how you can get 50 FREE cards HERE

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