Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Dollar Store Transformation!

Holy buckets! It's been a long time since I did a post! Mostly it's because I had been working on a presentation that I did at my MOPS group...Mother's of Preschoolers in case you did not know what that was! So many of the crafts that I have been doing lately, have been for this. There are a lot fun things that I want to show you, but I will start with this one for tonight!
We must have talked about these Dollar Tree vases about 100 times. There are so many things that you can do with this. You can't even buy vases wholesale for this price! Of course, you can do this with any vase that you have sitting in that little cupboard above your 'fridge that never gets used. I'm all about up-cycle!
These are all over the blog world, but here is a different way to fill them up.
Now don't these look great? They would be perfect for your dinning room table or an entry table!

Grab the Dollar Tree candle stick too! So you see here I have the vase and the candle stick as two pieces. You can give the top of the candle stick a bead of hot glue and set that vase on top of it right in the center of the vase. That way, when you are done with this, and you think it's something that you want to change out, just pop it off and peal off the hot glue.
To fill these:
I used a couple of paper towel rolls here. There is a lot of wasted space in the middle that you would never see, so that is a perfect use of a left-over roll! Never get rid of those babies! So many uses for them!
Anyway, I just layered some gerber daisy's all around them.
This was my look for October. For November, I am using fall leaves from the Dollar Tree. They are like silk organza!
So pretty!
Hey sis! Want to send me a box of real leaves from New Hampshire? :~)

Here is what they looked like set up in my kitchen...
Now I'm changing everything out for Thanksgiving!
The worst part...It's still 93 degrees here! Come on! I still have to use my air conditioning on the afternoon!
*When I get some pics of how we used these on our table scapes, I will post those!

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