Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I am working on...

I have so many wonderful things that I am working on would love to share, but it's a surprise!
My dear sweet friend and I are doing a presentation next week on all things Holidays and how to get your tables ready. We have piles of ideas...we could talk to these ladies for hour till their eyes glazed over with everything that we want to share. So we are going to work on "Break It Down" you know the song? Put your hands in the air like your really don't care...So you can see where this is going!
So I may post a few random things this week, but I am saving all things fab till next week! We are going to know your socks off! And we are talking about doing this on a
real budget here people!

Random thing #1
OK, I made these a while ago and they were a big hit! Even with the kiddos!
I am a big fan of chicken tenders. Why, you say? They are all ready cut up for you into these nice little strips and you can get them for really cheap sometimes.
So I cut mine up into nice little pieces and marinated then in Lite Cesar Dressing.
Skewered them and brushed on a bit more dressing. Pop them onto the grill until done. Bring them inside and add them to a plate of letus (I used spinach) sprinkled with fresh Parmesan. After your put the kabobs on there, drizzle with a bit more dressing and cheese. Can you say yummo?!
Each person gets a kabob with a bit of greens and you are good to go!

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