Friday, October 15, 2010

BOO to you!

Want to learn to make this fun sign? It's SO easy and a great bargain! I got this idea off of
~Wood letters from Hobby Lobby. You could do EEK too! They are .99 each
~Paper from Hobby Lobby
~Frame from Wal Mart. They are only $3 each and are wood
~Craft paint and glitter. The glitter is from Hobby Lobby.

Lay your letter out and give it a couple of coats of paint.

I choose green because of the green glitter. I watered down some glue after the paint was dry.

Then I gave the letter a glitter bath. You may or may not want to have your kids help with this! You may be screaming EEK yourself! Let this dry and shake off the excess glitter and save the extra for another project!
When everything is dry, about 24 hours, you then want to glue your letters to the paper. Just cut out your paper to the size of the 5x7 frame.  I let this dry flat overnight so that the letters did not slide off of the paper. Take apart the frame and put the paper "in front" of the glass. That way it 3 dimensional. After Halloween, save these frames! You can do this same idea for other holidays!
Like: JOY, I (heart) U, USA...lot's of other ideas!

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