Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scarey Soap!

Here is a fun little quick gift that I made for the neighbors today. I saw the idea on another post...can't remember which one! But mine is a little different!
So you start with some soap making cubes. You can get them at any craft store. Mine are a milky color, but on the other blog they were a clear color. In some ways it's fun to have them this color. It hides the surprise!

Do you have these silicone plastic muffin pans? Well, now they have another use!
Cut the cubes and place 2-3 per mold.
Microwave this for about 25 seconds and check to make sure that it is melted. If it's bubbling, than let it cool for a bit before the next step. You may need a bit more time depending on your microwave.
I went to the Dollar Store today and got a bad of different plastic bugs. Place the bug upside down in the mold. I used a spoon and then a toothpick to hold the little bugger in there. It wants to float to the top of the mold, so you need to hold it there for a bit till the soap cools.

After it's cooled...about 1/2 hour or so, you have a soap with a surprise in it! There are just a million things that you can do with this idea! Don't forget to use a coupon for the soap cubes if you don't have any!

A cello bag would have been the best way to wrap these, but I was short of those. So I started with the cupcake holder. Why not? I added a tag that said "Scary Soap". My neighbor loves bugs! So I know that he is going to love the giant spider in here! And it's a great way to encourage your kids to really wash there hands!

Then I remember that I had these bags for icing! Score! That will do the trick!
I added a little ring and some ribbon. My son was off to deliver them to all the neighbor boys! I hope they like them! They were a treat to make! Ha Ha!

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