About Me

About me...and my crazy life as I know it!

I am a follower of Christ, and wife to my husband who has put up with all of my ideas for the last 13 years. He knows that trouble is brewing when I start the conversation like:
"Honey, I had this idea....".
Sometime he puts his fingers in his ears and starts to
run away screaming
"la la la".
(These days, I have to learned to keep some things to
myself and show him when it's done).

I am also a mommy to the most amazing gifts that God has ever given me! Do you ever have those moments, when you stand there in awe at the window watching your kids playing in the backyard? I know that I do not deserve His grace! Sometimes a mommy has to sneak in those little moments to keep ourselves from going insane!

All photos are by Kapri Rose Photography. Please see her link in "Contact" tab.