Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just any old suite case!

A while ago I posted that I had gotten a suite case at a garage sale and was really excited about all of the things that I could do with it! My mind was just going crazy with all of the possibilities! And I got for just $2! It still had the tags on it! Now, this was intended to be used just for decoration. I am guessing that she got it at Ross, or another home decorating shop.
So here it is before:
So cute!
Here is what I went with....

I made it into a doll bed for my little girl! Yes, she did have the pink plastic one already, but this so much better! (I am going to give the old one away)
It was so easy to make! I had to ask DH to give me a little help,
but anyone can do it!

I got the wooded legs from Home Depot. They were about $2 a piece. Not a bad price I thought! I just added a few coats of brown paint and the sealed it. Any home craft paint will do the trick!

He drilled 4 holes and we added the washer and the nut. The legs come with screw ends on them.

I had this fabric left over from a euro pillow sham. And her room is all brown and pink, so it was perfect. I just cut it to shape and put in there. I was originally going to get some thick foam and cover it with fabric. But then the dolls would have just sat on top and not in it. She likes to close it when they go to sleep! I think that I might make a pillow to go with it.

She loves it!

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