Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorting out Summer!

Kids are on summer break here! So it's time to get creative with things to do! I wanted to have a craft station for the kids. I usually keep things in the closet, but this is a fun way to 
have it out to get those creative juices going!
I have seen a few ideas out there for organizing a craft station. But this was super cheap! Almost free!
I got the blue tray from the Dollar Tree. I try to always save and wash small glass jars and the lids. There are so many things that can be used for. So now, when it's time to make a craft, I can just pull this out and they are good to go! I am for sure going to go back and get more the of the glitter glue! You get 10 sticks for a $1! Plus they have a lot of other random crafts things that you can get. Why pay for a summer camp when you can do your own?

Sure, this is not very fancy at all. But the kids liked making it with me! I have a link here:eighteen25
These ladies have given you a print that you can print out yourself and frame it! 
 So cute! I hope that this can give you some ideas of ways to keep your kids busy!

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