Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baker's Delight!

We were invited to a friends 3 year old daughter's birthday. I wanted to do something different for her...and pow! The idea just came to me! What little one does not like to help in the kitchen? I remember seeing these hand towels at my Fry's grocery store, and I ran with the idea!
I love this cupcake pattern!

                                       Open the towel up and cut it in half.
Now it's ready for a hem at the top! The rest of the towel needs NO sewing! Love that!
Quick hem....
For the next step, I added some ribbon. Now, I would have like to use pink, but I wanted to use what I already had, and I had some other lime green things to go with the gift. Find the center of about 1 1/2 yards of ribbon and pin it to the top of the towel.
I went with a zig-zag stitch...for cuteness and to make sure that it stayed on with lot's of washings.
I ran 3 rows of stitching on the ribbon...and it's done!
One more needs just a touch!
I added a hot pink button in the middle of the apron. Super cute!
 I LOVE hot pink and lime green together!
Finish off your ribbon ends with a nice cut. I was to lazy to find the Fray Check, so I took a lighter to the ends. But be careful! You don't want to catch your ribbon on fire!
Close-up of the button action! I just hand-sewed that on...tried it on the machine, and it was not going so well. I am sure there is a correct way to do that, but sometimes it's good to do things the old-fashion way!
Here it is all put together!
Here's what's in it!

Mixer bowl ($1 store)
Lime green spatula ($1 store)
Whisk ($1 store)

Pretty filler...$1 store again!
Oven mitt and matching "custom made kids apron" Fry's...on sale
Cake Mix
Muffin tray and liners with cupcakes on them.
"If you give a pig a party" book that got from my son's Scholastic program

I tied it off the utensils with curing ribbon from the Dollar Store too.
Here is the finished gift! I hope she likes it!
Think outside the box for all of these birthday parties that we get invited to in life! Let them be creative!


  1. Wow! That is a great gift! Love it! Thanks for stopping by - I love that suggestion for feet on my ET center! I'm definitely going to convince the hubs it's a necessity! ;)