Friday, September 24, 2010

A treat for those closet doors!

I just can't leave closet doors with nothing on them!
I see a blank canvas!
I ordered these damask expressions from my Upper Case Living expressions. The best part is that it's not permanent. I know for sure that my hubby was not going to go for painting my daughters closet doors.
It's in Chocolate Brown...and so divine!
Now, it came with 4 large and 4 small designs. I really went back and fourth on what to do with the smaller ones. I thought about cutting them in half, and placing them all over the doors for one large pattern.
But, I then just decided to leave them plain.
So, now what to do with my left-over pieces...

My window treatment above my bathtub! I had a friend that gave me this left-over.
She had a customer that changed their mind about the treatment. Yeah for me!
So I added the trim with a hot glue gun. And then I used the extra damask to fill in the shade!
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