Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh So Rosey Purse!

Here is a purse that I made for my little princess!
It's SOOO easy! And cheap! Just the way I like to make things!
I actually saw this on another blog a long time ago, except she used a back-pack. I tried to find on that was cheap...like from the Dollar Store, but at the time they did not have them.
Then I remembered that I had this old purse that I did not use anymore. Perfect!
All you need is to go to the Dollar Store and pick up a bag of these petals. They are in the wedding section. I have only seen them in pink and white, but I am sure that they will add more colors. You can get these at craft stores too! Use your 40% off coupon!
  1. 1 Bag of loose rose petals
  2. Hot glue gun with a few sticks to spare
  3. Fun little gems and ribbon if you want
Start at the bottom of the bag and add a dab of hot glue to the end of the petal and glue it to the bag.
Continue to do this all the way across the bottom in a row.
Once that row is done, go to where the next row above would be and glue.
Make sure that you cover the row bellow where the glue is. You don't want that to show,
Go all the way up the bag until you are finished.
When I got to the top row of this bag, I folded them in half and dabbed them with a little bit of hot glue to make and even line where the zipper was.
When they are all done...and you have jumped up and down numerous times because of hot glue gun burns ( I have a high-melt, need to change that one of these days and get a low-melt) then you can add some ribbon and blig if you want.
Now the only problem that I have had with this is that some of the petals have fallen off. But that has to do with they way my 3 year old handles this purse...flings it, fills it with dolls, rocks, and lot's of other things.
I think that it may have to do with the material of my purse. Yep, it's pleather.
So pay attention to your bag. Maybe E6000 might work better.

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