Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dollar Store Halloween

I just LOVE the dollar store. If you don't shop there, you should start! When you are walking around, have an open mind to the endless possibilities! I am not a big fan of going crazy for Halloween, but I do like the vintage look that you can create. Take these pumpkins! Now, they are not perfect, because I had the help of a lovely 3 year old assistant. So, I decided that I needed to get over it begin perfect, and let her have some fun with glitter! Who does not love glitter!

Here is the pumpkin...with my little helper. It was orange, but I hit it with some black spray paint. You could use craft paint too. It was actually blackboard paint...that was all I had. I thought it would be fun to use chalk on it, but then that bottle of glitter was just calling out my name.
We used a glue stick here. I was trying to get perfect circles. You could use glue dots too! The glitter is from Hobby Lobby. They have it in a ton of different colors too. It's not as fine as the Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's, but I think this works great for this project! Plus, it's a much better price!

The second pumpkin we did some stripes on. Pretty fun!
I am working on my display, so when I get that all done,
I will post more pictures.

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  1. Awesome! Two naked pumpkins have resided in my closet for a couple of years and I might just be able to do that with my kiddos!