Thursday, September 16, 2010

I heart CraigsList

Here is why I love CraigsList...not for the dog and the kids. I had those already! But for the bedroom set!
I have been looking for weeks and weeks for a set for her. I tried the furniture stores, but I just don't want to spend a ton of money of a new bedroom set. Plus, it just does not make since to spend $350 just on a nightstand. And I love the idea of up-cycle! I had really wanted  a 4-poster bed. But everyone thought that it would take up too much space. We have high ceilings, so I thought it would work. I just did not want to take away from the rest of her room's design. And her room is pretty small, so I did not have a ton of room
for a whole set of furniture.
Que that angles singing! I found this gem at 9 was listed at 8:35. I called ASAP! Please save this for me till I get there. It was love at first sight. It needed some cleaning up and a little touch-up. I was really hoping that she would go down on the price, but she already had six people waiting in the wings in case I did not take it.
My mom quilted the pillows and put them together. And the bedspread is from when I was a girl. How my mother had the patience to crochet that whole thing is beyond me! I never imaged in my wildest dreams that my little girl would be using it someday. When her birthday comes, I will get her a set for the winter. But this work great for the summer.

How cute is the dresser with the mirror? So what did this set me back? $250...I know. I was wishing that I could get it for $200 or less. Do you ever notice that at either garage sales, craigslist, even the thrift store, you turn into a total tight-wade? I do. What the heck? Do I think that I can get it for free? You bet...but in the meantime, this was meant to be for her! She LOVES it! And I think that this will last us a long time!

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  1. I just love her new bedroom set! It's so precious! And by the way, your site looks AWESOME now! :)